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BRIDGE provides deep T&D Operations expertise and knowledge of industry best practices…[the] team helped identify gaps in data governance and technology support processes, substation equipment communications infrastructure and data accuracy. PG&E.

91% of utilities proceeding with a Grid Modernization plan have a clear or general understanding of the business benefits. HOW CAN BRIDGE HELP?

Investments in advanced distribution management systems (ADMS) is stronger among those utilities with Grid Mod initiatives – 48% are live or in a test.  Leverage BRIDGE expertise for your planning and implementations. HOW CAN BRIDGE HELP?

Used as an industry benchmark, the BRIDGE Index Utility Industry Survey on Grid Modernization uncovers the most recent trends.


Tailoring IoT Architecture for Utilities

September 29, 2017

Within the utility industry, the IoT concept has found its way into distribution operations and information technology (IT) organisations through seemingly benign business requests. The reality is that these requests should require departments to contemplate more about the future of their enterprise architecture, rather than merely addressing present day issues. Continue reading the full article.

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