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BRIDGE provides deep T&D Operations expertise and knowledge of industry best practices…[the] team helped identify gaps in data governance and technology support processes, substation equipment communications infrastructure and data accuracy. PG&E

72% of utilities don’t have a defined data architecture and governance process of operational data. HOW CAN BRIDGE HELP?

35% of utilities indicated that the changing cybersecurity threat landscape will have the biggest impact on operations. HOW CAN BRIDGE HELP?

Used as an industry benchmark, the BRIDGE Index Utility Industry Survey uncovers the most recent trends in T&D Operations including advanced technologies, real-time systems, analytics, visualizations, and security.


Accelerating Utility Transformation

Today’s Reality, Augmented Reality: Improving Field Worker Efficiency, Security and Quality

October 24, 2018 | Barry Cioe

Imagine a world where each of your field technicians had recallable experience for every field asset they maintained. Imagine a near perfect first-time-fix-rate. Imagine field inspectors being able to instantly jump from one inspection to another with no wasted travel time. This isn’t some kind of space odyssey, it is today’s reality…today’s augmented reality. It could be your reality too. Continue Reading.

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