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Grid Analytics


Discover new insights to enhance and improve operational performance

BRIDGE’s  analytics experts help utility organizations manage and extract value from vast data sources, uncovering new insights and converting that information into actionable intelligence.

Effectively leveraging utility information assets, including operational and sensor data, customer information, and network and engineering performance information, is critical to the success of utilities. Utility organizational leaders recognize that analytics are a critical part of improving operational performance considering the aging workforce and a diverse and developing marketplace fueled by distributed resources and new market players.

Analytics Solutions:

Business Intelligence, Utility Data Analytics.

Analytics Strategy

Utility organizations recognize that deep operational knowledge is embedded in the resources that have led the utility industry over the last several decades. As these resources retire from the workforce, Analytics could be the solution for capturing that critical knowledge base. But understanding how to make this transition and acquiring the best talent to lead it, is taking longer than utilities anticipated. Read more.

Operational Visualization

Operational Visualizations

The ability to visualize and analyze sensor data and environmental elements such as weather patterns on a map allows utility operators to visually explore vast amounts of data and quickly uncover insights and relationships that may otherwise go undiscovered by newly hired operators. Expectations for this heightened level of situational awareness are becoming even greater with the increase of renewables/DER. Read more.

Advanced Analytics

Challenged with integrating new data sources into utility operations, ensuring that the data is reliable as well as overcoming legacy system limitations and resource constraints, utility organizations have yet to realize the full potential of their technology investments. Utilities require predictive capabilities to achieve the reliability levels expected by both consumers and regulators, as well as to address non-technical losses such as theft and security threats to the grid. Read more.

Success Enablement

The number and increasing complexity of Grid Modernization projects, the reliance on new, and often unproven technology as well as the evolving customer and regulatory needs are introducing a new level of risk for utilities. Utilities have been left vulnerable to delays and cost overruns leaving some unable to meet the expectations defined in the initial business case. Read more.

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