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Operational Visualization

Customers, regulators, and shareholders are demanding more and more from utilities.  BRIDGE BREAKTHRU (BREAKTHRU) helps transform T&D operations with a suite of analytics and visualization enabled solutions that are delivered through a streamlined process to accelerate T&D operations’ ability to make data-based decisions, improving the reliability, resiliency, and security of the grid to meet those expectations faster, typically using products already owned by the utility.

Built on BRIDGE’s experience working across multiple utilities to solve many of the same problems BREAKTHRU is the combination of use cases, defined processes, tools, and supporting technologies that are the culmination of those experiences. It includes:

  • Prebuilt visualization, analytics and data models to make data come alive to the end users, in a rapid delivery methodology
  • Data ingestion model that reduces integration and improves data accuracy
  • Established data governance models, enabling maintainable data trust and reliability
  • Proven use cases, enabling quicker definition and prioritization of tasks

Proven Use Cases

BREAKTHRU’s well-developed use cases have been proven to make an immediate impact on the utility’s business, delivering operational efficiencies, lowering costs and reducing implementation time. Designed to meet changing expectations from regulators, customers, and other utility drivers, BRIDGE helps utilities embrace these changes while providing safe, reliable service.

BREAKTHRU - Sample Use Cases

Data Models

Consolidating and integrating data into a model that relates the different areas of the business together is a costly challenge for utilities. Asking the right questions across the functional areas of operations, assets, customer and the energy portfolio is not an easy task. BREAKTHRU  eliminates these challenges enabling the utility team to simply supply the physical data to the platform.

Prebuilt Visualizations

Access a library of visualizations for key operations use cases that work across multiple, leading technologies. BREAKTHRU  enables you to select the visualization that is right for you and forgo the typically lengthy user interface design, regardless of which technology you select. We apply your requirements to the visualization, highlighting key utility performance metrics that bring consistency to your business users.

Governance Model

BREAKTHRU gives utilities the confidence that the best possible answers are coming from the business. Our robust governance model helps establish governance standards for confidentiality, integrity, and availability and can be leveraged to ensure performance metrics are met for the data including timeliness, accuracy, and relevancy.

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