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Grid Management

Envision, architect and implement solutions that drive increased asset reliability.

BRIDGE Energy Group’s Grid Management domain expertise delivers solutions that enable utilities to handle those increasingly common, unusual events. BRIDGE delivers deep utility functional, project and technical experience to optimize work and assets across storm preparation, restoration, peak energy utilization, system upgrade and other natural/unnatural events for electric utility asset management and gas utility asset management.

Asset Management

As assets continue to run beyond their “end of design life,” utilities face even more uncertainty as to their true failure point. Add to this the influx of more sophisticated assets and equipment as the digital age advances, and these intelligent assets require higher levels of asset condition monitoring to keep them running optimally.

The experts at BRIDGE Energy Group understand the unique challenges that come with aging utility assets and utility asset management. We combine this appreciation with the developing body of knowledge around supporting the new wave of smart equipment. We provide the resources and solutions that enable utilities to better track what equipment they need (either analog or digital), how to prioritize the replacement and expansion needs, and how to keep the installed base running optimally.

BRIDGE brings expertise in the areas of:

  • Business and application planning for asset life-cycle management
  • Technology planning and systems integration across Asset, Work, Mobility and Geospatial applications
  • Adjusted and mixed approaches for Run-to-Failure, Time-based Preventive, Condition-based Predictive and Reliability-based Maintenance
  • Integration and communications planning among systems, intelligent equipment and mobile systems

To increase asset availability and greater in-service reliability, our domain experts in T&D have helped utilities, including a southeastern municipality, to better optimize integration between their GIS and EAM systems to better manage asset integrity and lifecycles.

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Utilities Asset Management Solution, Utilities Asset Reliability Solution.

Work & Asset Management, Utilities Asset Reliability Solution.

Revenue Assurance

Non-technical losses (theft, unbilled and under-billed meters, etc.) and non-billed, non-pay accounts related to gaps or limitations in the Meter to Bill to Cash (M-B-C) process can leave utilities struggling with 2-8% in revenue loss – with many utilities simply including it as a fixed cost in their business plans.

With BRIDGE Energy Group Revenue Assurance solutions, this no longer has to be the case.  BRIDGE assists utilities in understanding, analyzing and improving revenue performance across the order-to-cash lifecycle and simultaneously identifying opportunities to lower the reliable-cost-to-serve.  Our unique understanding of key business issues, trends, applicable technologies and solutions enables us to provide practical yet innovative revenue assurance solutions specific to each client.

BRIDGE’s revenue assurance solutions enables utilities to:

  • Acquire, correlate and analyze any data important to understand performance, control order-to-cash and make actionable decisions
  • Capture and analyze the actual business logic of revenue assurance so that analytics and controls reflect on-the-ground reality
  • Enable drill-down to the atomic level to enable understanding and resolution per charge and per customer
  • Provide systematic, automated detection to identify errors as they happen, to maximize the ability to timely resolve discrepancies and support a platform of continuous improvement

BRIDGE has helped utilities including BC Hydro and BELCO to increase their operational efficiency and reduce loss through:

  • Maximizing the investment in next generation technologies (e.g. AMI) to deliver ‘richer’ data about the use and operation of the system
  • Optimization through a combination of next gen technologies, systems integration and changes in business processes and roles
  • Organizational transformation – profit center model

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Work & Asset Management, Utilities Asset Reliability Solution.

Utility Mobile Workforce Management

Aging assets and workforces have created a complex environment that requires work to be planned, scheduled, staged and executed, all while accommodating both internal workers and the rapidly expanding external resourcing pool, across geographically dispersed and diverse territories.

BRIDGE’s business and technical experts understand the nature of construction, inspection, maintenance and service activities and leverage the latest technologies in next generation mobility tools, Smart Phones and tablets to help script and capture work to generate value from both internal and external resources for optimal utility mobile workforce management. BRIDGE’s expertise includes:

  • Business and application planning for workforce management
  • Technology and systems integration strategy across Planning, Scheduling, Tracking and Analyzing
  • Adjusted and mixed scheduling dynamics for Construction, Inspection, Maintenance, Service and Restoration
  • Seamless integration and communications between systems and mobile devices for scripting, rendering and capturing images, location determination, scanning and image annotation

BRIDGE has helped a mid-American utility that needed to get more value out of its EAM platform by streamlining the work processes across multiple platforms and energy products. Value achieved from this project, and others, include getting more timely and precise work efforts, reducing operations and maintenance costs, and increasing workforce effectiveness.

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