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Grid Modernization


Capture new opportunities created by clean energy and advanced technologies

market evolution, technology innovationThe electric grid operations and business model are in a state of genuine transition. As a result, utility organizations are faced with increasing pressure from changing social, business and technological dynamics. BRIDGE Energy Group is already at the epicenter of Grid Modernization efforts in New York (NY REV), California and Massachusetts and elsewhere.  Our solutions help utilities align current operations and reliability initiatives to an evolving utility landscape, while defining a clear path for the utility of the future.

Grid Modernization Solutions:

Transformation Strategy

Innovative utilities, even those without significant regulatory pressure, recognize the importance of future preparation. Faced with increasing penetration of distributed energy resources (DER) and shareholder demands for increased revenues, utilities must develop a strategy that helps position them as a leader in this transition and maximizes the right opportunities for new business. Read more.

Grid Technology Portfolio

Smart meters were the first of many waves of new data streams made possible by advanced hardware and software technologies. To deliver on the promise of those programs and to prepare for the distributed grid, utilities must evolve nascent technology strategies that have created business silos and technology islands. Read more.

Modern Grid Enablement

Making tomorrow’s vision into today’s reality requires a utility organization who has the capability to integrate new, agile resources. Resources that are familiar with the new core systems and technologies as well as the operational impacts to the business processes associated with their deployment are in demand. Read more.

Success Enablement

The number and increasing complexity of Grid Modernization projects, the reliance on new, and often unproven technology as well as the evolving customer and regulatory needs are introducing a new level of risk for utilities. Utilities have been left vulnerable to delays and cost overruns leaving some unable to meet the expectations defined in the initial business case. Read more.


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