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Grid Technology Portfolio

Today’s utilities are improving operational performance through continued investments. However, these investments must also be viewed with a perspective towards future strategic goals around Grid Modernization.

BRIDGE’s proven methodology and accelerators, including our Line of Sight Framework, help utilities evaluate numerous technologies and systems available within the context of  modern grid goals as well as identifying key interdependencies between program initiatives, technologies and business processes.

Foundational Technologies include:

  • Advanced metering
  • Distribution automation
  • Geospatial systems
  • Advanced planning tools
  • Analytics

Utilities need to identify core foundational technology and how it supports desired capabilities and outcomes. BRIDGE experts help utilities map an implementation plan for the desired smart grid technology and applications, determined by careful evaluation of the investment and its associated benefit realization.

Key elements of this solution include:

  • Technology portfolio review
  • Modern grid road map
  • Modern grid business case
  • Modern grid project plan
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