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Grid Operations

Translate volumes of data into actionable intelligence for improved operational performance

Grid Operations Solutions

Insufficient insight and inability to quickly translate volumes of data into actionable intelligence impact operational performance and increase risk of large scale blackouts, like those seen in both the eastern and western interconnects. BRIDGE’s experience solving these issues for large US Utilities ensures the right solution is in place, quicker and more cost effectively.

FERC and NERC strongly recommend visualization tools to:

  • Improve Transmission grid reliability
  • Avoid large scale outages
  • Increase asset utilization
  • Improve operational efficiency.

Key challenges addressed as part of the BRIDGE engagement include:

  • Growth in Distributed Generation
  • High cost of maintenance outages
  • Weak load growth
  • A lot of new data, but not a lot of “intelligent insight”
  • Scarcity of highly experienced grid operators


Benefits delivered as part of the BRIDGE transmission optimization engagement include:

  • Better visibility and monitoring of neighboring grid systems
  • Faster detection of disturbances
  • Maintaining system operating limits
  • Improved operations planning
  • Increased throughput on constrained pathways
  • Reduced downtime for maintenance outages
  • Less stress for operators


Call BRIDGE today to learn how our team of subject matter experts have helped other large US Utilities solve these challenges and realize these benefits.


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