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Digital Grid Advisory Services

A multidisciplinary team of operations and information technology experts is needed to address IT/OT convergence, standards and interoperability, IoT use cases, architecture and applications, and create a sustainability framework for tomorrow’s more heavily integrated world of real-time data, infrastructure, integration and systems.

BRIDGE’s team of IT/OT experts recognize that flexibility is important in architecting a new, more-agile application portfolio that can support a range of future scenarios. BRIDGE is helping utilities to converge network infrastructure and upgrade existing legacy communications to new digital infrastructure, delivering new value in grid operations and management through IoT architecture and applications integration.

Key elements of this solution include:

  • Utility technology strategy and road map
  • Real-time systems vendor evaluation and selection
  • IoT architecture for;
  • Asset health monitoring
  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER integration/DER management/DERMS)
  • Synchrophasor integration
  • Benchmarking for IT/OT organizational alignment

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