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Grid Reliability

Improving reliability and operational efficiency for transmission and distribution


BRIDGE Energy Group’s Grid Reliability practice offers electric utility OT solutions that enable utilities to envision, architect, and implement operations technologies to solve their toughest business challenges in outage management. We specialize in systems and technologies that reduce outage time, increase operational efficiency, and ensure grid reliability.

Grid Optimization, Outage &amp,Restoration Management.

Outage & Restoration Management

Insufficient information about power outages, infrastructure damage, and available resources makes it difficult to plan, execute and communicate system restoration quickly and efficiently following a major storm or crisis. BRIDGE’s business, information technology and operational technology consulting and integration services have been used to solve these challenges by:

  • Integrating outage management technologies (OMS) with AMI, GIS, SCADA and work management systems
  • Implementing mobile tools for damage assessment, work assignment and related field applications
  • Implementing decision support tools help managers visualize and understand outages, plan the best response, and manage its execution

Our domain experts in OT and IT systems have worked with utilities such as Northeast Utilities to manage enterprise OMS implementations and gain a rapid understanding of outage and damage scope, clearly track and communicate fact-based restoration and scale OT and IT systems to perform effectively for large and small events. The BRIDGE team is helping clients including BC Hydro to improve outage management and capture business case benefits by integrating smart metering infrastructure with an outage management system for grid efficiency.

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Smart Grid Optimization, Electric Outage Restoration Solution.

Distribution Optimization

The limited ability to manage numerous voltage and reactive power control devices throughout the distribution system to achieve voltage and VAR optimization (VVO) and conservation voltage regulation (CVR) makes it a challenge for utilities to change the shape of peak demand in the future.

BRIDGE’s business and technical experts provide an independent assessment of the impact and benefits of planned or ongoing VVO/CVR programs or initiatives to:

  • Develop pilot program designs and implementation plans
  • Develop the technical and business architecture for implementation and integration
  • Issue the regulatory strategy necessary to support these programs

Utilities have relied on BRIDGE’s consulting and integration services for specification and selection of CVR solutions that provide energy efficiency and peak demand reduction benefits, reduce distribution system losses and improve system power factor and provide clear visibility into distribution voltage profiles to ensure compliance with operating standards.

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Power Grid Reliability, Outage Management.

Transmission Optimization

A clear view of a constantly changing power system is critical to reliable and efficient operation of the transmission system, particularly with more renewable energy online and increasingly complex energy markets.

BRIDGE is working with utilities and grid operators at the forefront of applying technologies and applications for advanced transmission operations including:

  • Wide area visualization with synchrophasor technology
  • Selection, architecture and integration of next generation EMS, DMS and SCADA technology
  • Flexible program management services for system implementation and ongoing support
  • NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection support

Our team is working with the Western Electricity Coordinating Council as the Program Management Office and architect of the Western Interconnection Synchrophasor Program, the largest synchrophasor technology deployment project in North America. This project will help utilities and grid operators throughout the Western Interconnection improve situational awareness to ensure grid reliability while making the most efficient use of energy resources throughout the west.

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