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Grid Security

Efficiently achieving and maintaining secure operations

Data and system breaches are becoming more the norm across all industry sectors, including critical infrastructures and operations with industrial control systems. Industry efforts, such as CIP Version 5, reflect the growing realization that a major event to the North American Grid is just one breach away, elevating Grid Security from the back room to the Board room.

BRIDGE Energy Group’s Grid Security practice helps mitigate industry control system breakdown by delivering cybersecurity and compliance solutions with expertise tailored to the unique needs of today’s Utility industry. Our team has in-depth industry knowledge of the challenges resulting from evolving regulatory requirements and escalating expectations in threat and risk management. We have a proven understanding of your needs for an appropriate solution – from kick-starting an entire cybersecurity program to identifying capability gaps, grid vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

BRIDGE Grid Security solution areas include:

Grid Cybersecurity Solutions

The landscape of Utility Cybersecurity concerns continues to evolve. Each year new breaches and threats drive additional risks to the operation of the power grid. The unique grid needs require experienced utility security experts and solutions that BRIDGE is known to deliver. Our consultants know the operating technologies, facilities and systems that comprise the bulk electric system. We can provide your utility organization with the ability to tailor our solutions and address specific needs by:

  • Reducing the risk of operational ambiguity
  • Increasing the cost effective deployment of processes and tools
  • Improving the security of new technology deployments
  • Mitigating identified risks and threats
  • Providing transparency through accurate, relevant and timely reporting

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Grid Compliance Solutions

BRIDGE NERC CIP consultants have unsurpassed backgrounds in OT and IT systems, in addition to NERC CIP and security credentials.  This in-depth experience allows us to operate across traditional organizational boundaries, quickly comprehend your needs, build achievable NERC CIP Compliance plans, and provide support for implementations.  Working with your compliance and cybersecurity leadership team, BRIDGE will establish strategies and roadmap plans, which are efficient, clear and effective for building sustainable solutions.  Implementation activities are supported through tactical placement of individuals with specific OT and IT NERC CIP skills or strategic placement of complete solution teams with full PMO support.

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