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Grid Security

Prepare for threats against digital and physical assets, mitigate risks and meet NERC CIP standards

Optimize your preparations and operations to meet evolving cyber and physical threats to both mitigate security risks, efficiently comply with applicable standards, and reduce spend for power operations.

Utilities in the US are among the top industries most commonly targeted for attacks against critical infrastructures and operations with industrial control systems.   From the board-room to the water coolers, no one wants their mistake to be the one that adds their utility to the list of worldwide ICS incidents.

Cyber Incident Summary

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However, the problem is only getting more complex:

  • Growing protection needs for new applications and technologies that support Grid Modernization, including DER
  • Increasing reliance on cloud solutions for data hosting and operations
  • Evolving FERC and NERC CIP regulations
  • Advancing weaponization of malware

BRIDGE’s deep IT/OT expertise, coupled with state-of-the-art security and compliance practice knowledge enables our expert practitioners to provide a unique perspective from the inside-out (Operations to Enterprise) or outside-in (Enterprise to Operations), identifying and implementing effective solutions tailored to your utility organization’s specific needs.

Grid Security Solutions:

Security Optimization

Faced with multithreaded CIP subject matter expert accountability assignments, aging control center and substation ecosystems, varying compliance requirements between T&D operations, and the need to effectively protect assets and operations, utility organizations are struggling to meet and sustain a state of operational excellence.  An objective, holistic view of their security and compliance program is needed to drive effective and efficient response, reduce risk, and improve required capabilities. Read More.

IT-OT Risk Management

The ecosystem of operational networks, processes, technologies and people, is growing in complexity and dispersion.  Utility organizations must reduce the inherent risks through proper governance on critical systems and networks, and application of risk management methods to prioritize projects and reduce risks and spend. Read more.

Compliance Support

There is no finish line in the race for security. Staying compliant while evolving processes to efficiently address potential new regulatory frameworks for risk mitigation is essential.  Read more.

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