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Continuous Compliance

Leveraging BRIDGE’s Continuous Compliance service, utilities can save time and money while also freeing utility staff to focus on other important tasks.

To meet the need for security options that not only protect the utility’s operating infrastructure, comply with required regulations, and also reduce their costs in sustaining confidence in the current and future state of their compliance, BRIDGE’s Continuous Compliance provides our clients a sustainable, highly effective solution for managing compliance and evaluating the likelihood of future compliance issues at a fraction of current costs. Over a period of five years a typical utility can expect to save over $1 million  dollars in typical compliance assessment costs.

BRIDGE’s experienced NERC CIP compliance and security team is dedicated to addressing the standards and requirements needed to protect real-time systems from deep within grid operations and all the way to the grid edge.  The team’s utility industry knowledge includes:

  • Deep experience in OT, real-time operations, systems, control centers
  • Experience with all aspects of NERC CIP
  • Are active utility security practitioners, with current understanding of best practices
  • Are acknowledged by our clients as being excellent teammates, successfully operating within NERC CIP teams as well as across OT and IT teams


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