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BRIDGE Index - Biggest Impact on OperationsRecent survey data shows that the changing cybersecurity threat landscape is anticipated to have the biggest impact on operations. This focus is well warranted in an era of emerging risks associated with the digitization of the electric grid.

Unfortunately, budgets have yet to catch up. And spending on compliance continues to climb, absorbing budget and resources needed to address these challenges.

Continuous Compliance, part of the BRIDGE BREAKTHRU suite, provides effective solutions for maintaining compliance while freeing up internal resources to focus on other critical initiatives. Leveraging a combination of expert services, defined processes, known use cases, tools, and supporting technologies, Continuous Compliance is a sustainable, highly-effective solution for managing and performing compliance activities and evaluating the likelihood of future issues at a lower, predictable fixed-cost. Utilities benefit from:

  • Achieving and sustaining compliance at a fixed cost, at a fraction of current costs
  • Reducing associated employee burdens
  • Improving quality and consistency of compliance function
  • Reducing risk of penalties
  • Calculating likelihood of future issues
  • Providing executive to operational-level visibility


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