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Grid Transformation

Improving operational performance to support a 21st century electric and gas utility transformation


Grid Transformation for the 21st Century Utility entails new and significant layers of business, technological and social challenges for a utility’s key stakeholders.  The nature of the electric grid from an operations and business model perspective is in a state of genuine transition.

The 21st Century Utility is now getting serious policy and regulatory attention. BRIDGE Energy Group, already at the epicenter of Reforming the Energy Vision in New York (NY REV), has built a suite of solutions that aligns utility operations to the evolving landscape, and integrates business model considerations with incentive driven regulatory frameworks.

21st Century Readiness Assessment

BRIDGE offers a “21st Century Readiness” engagement that examines current industry drivers and their functional and technology implications specific to you. We utilize a “line of sight” methodology that builds an integrated view of future state capability to meet 21st Century expectations. BRIDGE provides practical short, medium and long range strategy and implementation plans that leverage clients’ present capabilities, reconciled with internal business objectives ensuring shareholder value. BRIDGE engages with a multi-disciplinary team that encompasses regulatory to IT/OT strategy to implementation and support.

Key elements of this solution include:

  • Current capabilities mapping
  • Future state definition
  • Gap analysis
  • Rate impact assessment
  • Smart grid business case

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Regulatory & Compliance, Utility Regulatory Strategy.

Nerc Compliance ,Performance-Based Ratemaking.

Performance Based Ratemaking (PBR) Recovery Model

Traditional cost of service regulation is ill-suited to the dynamic environment of grid modernization. Protracted rate cases, regulatory lag and a litigious environment together undermine the attraction of capital for advanced grid infrastructure.

BRIDGE Performance Based Ratemaking, developed by experts from the regulatory arena, is a modern interpretation of Performance Based Ratemaking. It is an integrated solution that directly connects long-term capital investment strategy and implementation with regulated cost recovery.

Key elements of this solution include:

  • Smart Grid Roadmap
  • Functional Capabilities Inventory
  • Business Case development
  • Performance Metrics
  • Performance Based Regulatory Plan

BRIDGE has leveraged its multi-disciplinary team of professionals from the OT/IT and regulatory disciplines to map a cohesive grid modernization strategy that directly connects to a long term cost recovery platform. As an example, the regulatory team has played a key role in the Massachusetts Department of Utility Control (DPU) investigation into grid modernization policy, including providing thought leadership behind the Utility of the Future Framework, an advanced performance based rate platform.

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Regulatory Strategy

The regulatory process is equally important and is essentially interdependent with IT/OT integration oriented solutions. Skepticism on the part of regulators can have real financial consequences for utility infrastructure investment, especially grid modernization proposals and projects.

BRIDGE merges business, technology and utility regulatory strategy into a cohesive approach to provide solutions that:

  • Develop comprehensive approaches to reduce the regulatory risk associated with capital asset recovery for projects like grid modernization & capital investments
  • Formulate petition strategy as well as provide advisory support through final commission order
  • Focus on the nexus between the functionality of grid investment and its long term value to customers
  • Effectively present their goals and value equation to diverse stakeholders

The regulatory experts at BRIDGE have been a part of state policy formation and rate case litigation & settlement in addition to leveraging new technology and processes to deliver value to utility customers. BRIDGE has helped clients to define core messaging as part of their utility regulatory planning that is integrated across filings, media outreach, and executive level communications.

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NERC CIP audit, SG Policy.

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