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Grid Analytics

Transforming big data into utility analytics strategy and grid visualization


Grid modernization, changing business models, operational improvement imperatives and advances in technologies are complex challenges facing today’s utilities. Effectively leveraging Utility information assets, including operational and sensor data, customer information, and network and engineering performance information is critical to success for emerging digital and data driven utilities.  Our mission is to assist utilities in managing and extracting value, and converting information into actionable intelligence in these complex environments.

Energy Analytics Strategy & Implementation

BRIDGE’s business and technical experts provide an independent assessment of the impact and benefits of planned projects.  They help to define the platform and capabilities required to leverage information in utility decision making.

Areas defined that enable data driven decision making for utility operations includes:

  • Solution architectures
  • Analytic capabilities
  • Use case definition and realization

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Business Intelligence, Utility Data Analytics.

Utility Data Mining, Utility Analytics.

Renewables/DER Analytics

BRIDGE’s Renewables/DER analytic solutions integrate disparate operational and information technology systems to provide integrated data management for IT and OT capabilities, a flexible business rules engine, robust visualization and dashboards, and advanced analytic capabilities.

This comprehensive analytics solution provides utilities with real-time situational awareness, actionable intelligence, and predictive models and scenarios to enable decision making and optimize the integration of renewable energy resources.

BRIDGE’s technical experts provide a view of the Renewable/DER analytics landscape including:

  • Analyze, forecast, and understand impacts on grid operations
  • Evaluate grid performance from distributed generation sources
  • Transform data from Grid edge technologies including solar, wind and microgrids

Techniques for aggregating real and non-real time data are migrating from traditional Relational Database repositories to more advanced tools better suited for the analytics process of reading structured and unstructured data. Knowing which tools to use in order to store, mine, display and visualize both Big Data and operational information in a meaningful way remains a challenge for the industry.

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Operational Performance Dashboards

Utilities require predictive capabilities to achieve the reliability levels expected by both the end consumer and regulators and to address non-technical losses such as theft. BRIDGE’s record of delivering business, operational technology, information technology and statistical techniques enables our experts to build custom Operational Performance Dashboards.

This solution facilitates the use of operational and real time data to support operational decisions via the use of predefined and preconfigured dashboards and assist in enabling the transformation of utility decisions from reactive to predictive.

The dashboard enables proactive decision making on the operation of utility assets, technology, systems and processes by delivering the following:

  • Visibility to health and performance status of critical operations assets, systems, processes, and infrastructure
  • Integrated set of dashboard views with key health and performance metrics organized across Electric Operations
  • Visibility to operational performance indicators and validate business value for technology investments

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Grid Situational Awareness

The ability to visualize and analyze sensor data and environmental elements, such as weather, on a map allows operators to visually explore vast amounts of data and quickly uncover insights and relationships that are critical to decision-makers in complex, dynamic areas such as utility grid operation.

As part of this suite of services, BRIDGE analytics experts help utilities to gain visibility into the state of the grid to provide real time visibility into events impacting grid operations and performance.

Achieving situational awareness and real-time visibility provides the following benefits:

  •  Increased wide-area situational awareness and
  • Faster identification and analysis of abnormal or emergency conditions
  • Improved system reliability

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Predictive Analytics, Utility Analytics.

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