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2015 Posts

Predicting the Future of Utility Analytics

The term smart grid has been around for some time now, although the meaning has shifted over the years. In its earliest usage, it was applied to systems that made use of data to perform power quality studies and post event analysis. More recently, the term has come to mean using data to implement a self-healing grid.

Searching for Equilibrium

Over the decades of state regulation of distribution utilities, we have seen prominent structural changes – independent power and restructuring – that have altered the basis of the regulatory bargain. Today we stand at another critical point: where the structural underpinnings of the regulatory compact have shifted and a state of disequilibrium exists.

Public Helping Drive New York REV Agenda

David O’Brien, vice president of BRIDGE Energy Group, said New York’s initiative is a start. “Are regulators fully prepared to tackle these issues or to look at the complexity of all this? My feeling is not necessarily,” he said. “But what I really like about REV is its comprehensiveness.”

Electric Utilities Adopt New Technologies, Use Old Business Processes

The electric utility industry’s adoption of new technologies such as smart metering is faster than its adoption of new business processes. That combination means some of the expensive technology utilities are buying isn’t meeting the expected ROI-at least for now.

“A lot of companies are using this stuff, but they’re still doing things the old way,” said Forrest Small, vice president of grid reliability at Bridge Energy Group, a systems integration consulting firm for utilities.

Smart Meters Can Be Beneficial but Aren’t a Panacea

There’s been a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of smart meters. On one hand, there are those that see this technology as intrusive and expensive with an unproven value. While others embrace the ongoing utility industry transformation and realize how smart meters can play a key role.

Your Smart Meters Say the Power is out; ARE THEY LYING?

Whether it’s during a disastrous coastal hurricane or blue skies as far as the eye can see, knowing about outages before customers call can dictate whether or not utilities achieve top performance in customer satisfaction, restoration speed and restoration cost.

DistribuTECH 2015

BRIDGE Energy Group to highlight expertise on AMI-OMS Integration, NERC CIP and Reforming the Energy Vision in New York

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