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Yearly Archives: 2018

BRIDGE Energy Group isn’t the only one talking about the Smart Grid Integration and Utility Solutions company. Others in the media are also covering the work BRIDGE has been doing in the industry. Listed here are just a few of the most recent discussions.

Energy Central

A No Regrets Approach to ADMS

Look anywhere today in the world of utility systems and you will see a variety of technology marketed toward the advancement of grid management and control techniques. If you talk to most utilities, you will likely find a team thinking about an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS). Whether it be the technology examination for applicability to the organization, or a full implementation, it is difficult to find a utility where ADMS is not on the tip of their tongues.

BRIDGE CEO van Nispen Urges Industry to Get ‘Holistic’

July 25, 2018 | Smart Grid Today 

The smart grid industry is still in the early stages of utilities realizing the kinds of opportunities that are available to them in using smart grid technology and gaining access to the data it can deliver, Hugo van Nispen told us recently in an interview for the Smart Grid Today audio program. He is CEO of Bridge Energy Group, a consultancy and technology integrator that helps utilities choose and deploy smart grid.

Homeland Security Logo

Avoid the Next Cybersecurity Catastrophe by Keeping the Supply Chain Safe

The atmosphere of concern around the security of our grid is inarguably growing. As an industry, we are increasingly aware of advances in the development of malware targeted at our SCADA / EMS and other Industrial Control Systems (ICS).  With the stakes so high, it is not surprising that FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) is now seeking to impose regulations on the supply chain in an effort to further protect consumers from the disastrous consequences of a compromised grid.

Electric Light and Power

Unifying through Destruction: Breaking down Silos within Utilities

Driven by the ubiquitous adoption of the smart phone, the term “connected” has become increasingly pervasive in our culture. It describes not only how we view ourselves in our home, work and social relationships, but our expectations for others, businesses and even the very ‘things’ that touch our world. Utilities are no exception this shifting paradigm, and perhaps as the very entity powering this new connected world, the expectations are higher. Continue reading.

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