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Are We Ready for the Energy Transition?

BRIDGE Energy Group’s CEO Hugo van Nispen sits down with Claire Volkwyn form Smart Energy International to discuss the changes that the utility sector is experiencing through increased situational awareness […]

What 2018 Taught Us; Insights into 2019

January 21, 2019 | Sandy Simon The significant influx of less experienced, more technology-demanding personnel into the utility operations workforce is creating challenges for an industry already managing significant transformation […]

Who’s Watching Out for Your Grid Modernization Project?

If you’ve ever taken on a home renovation  or even just watched HGTV, you likely recognize the need for outside expertise to be successful; an architect or designer to create the vision, a general contractor (GC) to streamline communications and provide the specialty resources to execute the vision and finally,  an inspector to ensure the execution matches the vision and is safe. So why are we talking about home renovations? Because Grid Modernization initiatives are akin to home renovations and can be considered as the ultimate home renovation for utility organizations. Continue reading.

Cutting Through the Noise

Uncovering Unexpected Value with Predictive Analytics December 20, 2018 | Keith Hock (Ameren) and Paul Dick (BRIDGE) In a conference room in early 2017, a group of Transmission operators, supervisors, […]

For Utilities, Security is the New Safety

A report released by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine warned, based upon the interconnectedness of our information networks, that the country’s electricity system and associated infrastructure remains vulnerable to cyberattacks with a significant potential for widespread system outages, despite any agency or company’s best efforts.

A No Regrets Approach to ADMS

Look anywhere today in the world of utility systems and you will see a variety of technology marketed toward the advancement of grid management and control techniques. If you talk to most utilities, you will likely find a team thinking about an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS). Whether it be the technology examination for applicability to the organization, or a full implementation, it is difficult to find a utility where ADMS is not on the tip of their tongues.

The State of Analytics in the Utility Sector

There is nary a day that passes that the risk of, or worse yet the perpetration of, a cyber-attack doesn’t play out across the headlines. It is no surprise then that the recently released 2018 BRIDGE IndexTM Survey on Grid Security revealed that utility operations professionals across IT and OT rated the changing cybersecurity threat landscape as having the biggest impact on operations.

Utilities Increasingly Concerned About Security Threats Need to Outthink the Enemy

There is nary a day that passes that the risk of, or worse yet the perpetration of, a cyber-attack doesn’t play out across the headlines. It is no surprise then that the recently released 2018 BRIDGE IndexTM Survey on Grid Security revealed that utility operations professionals across IT and OT rated the changing cybersecurity threat landscape as having the biggest impact on operations.

BRIDGE CEO van Nispen Urges Industry to Get ‘Holistic’

July 25, 2018 | Smart Grid Today 

The smart grid industry is still in the early stages of utilities realizing the kinds of opportunities that are available to them in using smart grid technology and gaining access to the data it can deliver, Hugo van Nispen told us recently in an interview for the Smart Grid Today audio program. He is CEO of Bridge Energy Group, a consultancy and technology integrator that helps utilities choose and deploy smart grid.

Avoid the Next Cybersecurity Catastrophe by Keeping the Supply Chain Safe

The atmosphere of concern around the security of our grid is inarguably growing. As an industry, we are increasingly aware of advances in the development of malware targeted at our SCADA / EMS and other Industrial Control Systems (ICS).  With the stakes so high, it is not surprising that FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) is now seeking to impose regulations on the supply chain in an effort to further protect consumers from the disastrous consequences of a compromised grid.

Unifying through Destruction: Breaking down Silos within Utilities

Driven by the ubiquitous adoption of the smart phone, the term “connected” has become increasingly pervasive in our culture. It describes not only how we view ourselves in our home, work and social relationships, but our expectations for others, businesses and even the very ‘things’ that touch our world. Utilities are no exception this shifting paradigm, and perhaps as the very entity powering this new connected world, the expectations are higher. Continue reading.

Navigating the Utility Digital Transformation

February 18, 2018 | Sandy Simon The Digitization of utility operations has been evolving at an accelerating pace over the last decade. Many utilities saw this trend developing, and one […]

PowerForward Ohio

National and state energy leaders will convene in Columbus, Ohio March 6th-8th to discuss the electric distribution system of the future and how state policy can facilitate grid enhancements that […]

Keeping Supply Chain Safe

BRIDGE Energy Group’s Richard Jones, who leads our Center of Excellence on Security, will present at Western Energy Institute’s (WEI) Annual Customer & Corporate Symposium on Friday, March 9th, 2018.  […]

DistribuTECH 2018 – Transforming Power

Dan Brancaccio, Principal Consultant at BRIDGE Energy Group joins Eric Anderson, Manager, Distribution SCADA/FLISR at PG&E as a guest speaker for “Optimizing the Benefits of FLISR with a Near-Real Time Management Dashboard”

Affordability, Reliability and Safety Can Coexist in the Modern Utility

Scott Woodbury, Engagement Manager at BRIDGE Energy Group, shares highlights work from PG&E’s Substation Automation team as they seek to deliver unprecedented visibility for their grid operation through a portfolio of initiatives to develop and deploy operational data monitoring dashboards, geospatial visualizations and analytic tools while enabling them to continue to provide safe, reliable, and affordable service.

Tailoring IoT Architecture for Utilities

In an interview with Metering & Smart Energy International, Roy Pratt, chief architect and technology strategist at BRIDGE Energy Group, shares his insight into taking an architectural approach to the design and implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in utilities and why it’s critical to their future success.

GTM’s New York Rev Future 2017

Sandy Simon, VP, Grid Modernization Practice  at BRIDGE Energy Group joins thought-leaders panel at GTM’s New York Rev Future 2017 held on 26-27 Sep 2017 at the New York Marriot at the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, NY Crowdsourced Market […]

Beyond the Malware Malaise

BRIDGE’s Richard Jones, VP, Security discusses changing nature of cyber-attacks and how utilities can develop a programmatic approach to reduce risk.

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

BRIDGE Principal Consultant, Jim Finch offers a case study on how BRIDGE enabled APS to speed response times and improve reliability with a modern visualization solution – in the latest issue of POWERGRID International.

BRIDGE Energy Group Names Hugo van Nispen as New CEO

Industry Leader Takes Helm at Fast Growing Utility Industry Services Company NEWTON, MA – February 28, 2017 – BRIDGE Energy Group, the leading consulting and systems integration company focused on […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Data Points

Faced with information in multiple locations and a number of different work groups involved in monitoring, maintaining and reporting on FLISR, Scott Grafelman discusses how utilities are beginning to leverage visualizations to streamline the process and ensure the FLISR technology will operate as designed during an outage event, delivering the reliability benefits the utility is seeking.

Is the Marriage of EMS/DMS Curse or Convenience

The Distribution Management System (DMS) is combined with the EMS in many utilities and therefore has interactive access with a high-impact BES Cyber System. By association, the DMS must therefore comply with NERC CIP protocols. Michael H. Schrameyer, Principal Consultant, highlights the options utilities have when considering untangling the pair and how to best identify the right solution for them.

Utility Analytics Week

Tom Green, Solution Architect, at BRIDGE Energy Group joins Alan Lytz, Asset Information Analyst from PPL at Utility Analytics Week: ‘Best Practices for Building an Effective T&D Analytics Framework’ on November 1st in Atlanta, GA […]

Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary For Electric Utilities, The Sky Is Not Falling

Forrest Small, VP Grid Reliability, discusses the results of the BRIDGE Index Grid Modernization Survey with Chuck Ross from Electrical Contractors, highlighting how priorities differ between utilities in states where Grid Modernization efforts are more developed and those that are still determining the direction their own strategies should take.

DistribuTECH 2016

BRIDGE Energy Group presented at DistribuTECH 2016 to highlight expertise on Renewable Integration and Improved Grid Efficiency.

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