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Building a Foundation to Move Your Utility Grid Modernization Strategy Forward

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February 1, 2017 | by Jennifer Ahearn

Grid Modernization encompasses a vast variety of different functionalities, capabilities and technologies, which can seem overwhelmingly complex for a utility embarking on a Grid Modernization journey. For the purposes of context, let’s start with a common understanding of what Grid Modernization means in this discussion. While almost every project impacting the grid could be considered a modernization, in this article I am referring to the proper noun, Grid Modernization. This embodies changes to legacy distribution systems as well as the deployment of new technologies (e.g., distribution management systems, high speed communications, advanced sensors, energy storage) to provide the functionality and capability needed to support new distributed energy resources (DER) and more customer-centric interactive marketplaces that will enable a cleaner, smarter energy future.

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