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Failure to Launch: Why Utilities are struggling to make meaningful progress with their analytics programmes

Metering and Smart Energy International

May 12, 2017 | by Glen Sartain

Analytics has long been accepted outside of the utility industry as a valuable and proven source of new insights that can transform a business in terms of both strategic growth and operational efficiencies. For years, we have been hearing a lot of buzz about utilities using analytics to help shape and transform the organisation. BRIDGE Energy Group’s recent BRIDGE Index® Survey on Grid Analytics confirms that the buzz is transitioning into action. Here are some of the supporting survey findings:

  • Over 36% of the survey participants indicated that they were planning a major analytics project within the next 24 months.
  • Analytics are increasingly viewed as a priority in helping to define how utilities should position themselves for the future.
  • Analytics are drawing significant budgetary funds – the average planned corporate analytics spend for 2017 is $6.3M.

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