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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Data Points

Optimizing Your FLISR Investment Through Visualization

February 15, 2017 | by Scott Grafelman

Fault location, isolation and service restoration (FLISR) is quickly becoming one of the hottest advanced distribution automation applications being implemented by electric utilities. This is understandable since minimizing the duration and frequency of power outages for their customers pays dividends related to costs and customer satisfaction. However, FLISR is not a “set it and forget it” technology. It requires monitoring and maintenance to ensure the technology will operate as designed during an outage event and provides the reliability benefits the utility is seeking. If FLISR does not operate properly during an outage event, it becomes a lost opportunity for reliability improvement as well as a loss on the utility’s investment.

Some of the related challenges include the following:

  • As new technologies such as FLISR are implemented, they often become another stand-alone system the operators, technicians, engineers and management teams have to contend with for monitoring, maintaining and reporting on the distribution system
  • FLISR status may only be viewable from the vendor’s GUI software
  • Maintenance tickets may exist in another work management system such as SAP
  • Distribution automation communications monitoring systems are somewhere else

With information in multiple locations and a number of different work groups involved in monitoring, maintaining and reporting on FLISR, it’s easy to see the challenges of operating and maintaining these systems in an optimal manner—in addition to the resources consumed on non-value added activities.

This is where a central dashboard can help.  Continue reading the full article.

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