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Shortening Grid Modernization Time to Value

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August 7, 2017 | by Glen Sartain

As highlighted in the recently published BRIDGE Index™ 2017 Survey on Grid Modernization, 87% of utility leaders recognize the symbiotic relationship between Grid Modernization and advanced Data Analytics. Data and analytics are not simply an outcome of Grid Modernization, but rather, the necessary partner to help establish the business case, successfully inform and drive program implementation, including mid-stream course corrections, and enable full capability realization while validating delivered benefits.

The business world is filled with examples of technologies that have been implemented without proper integration of the tools needed to measure and leverage investment results.  AMI data is a great utility industry example. Many organizations rushed to install AMI without a clear understanding around realizing the associated value streams.  These organizations are still trying to determine how best to make AMI data useful across the utility, and few actively exploit AMI data to help bring new insight to operations and customer care. Coupling analytics with AMI would have identified potential benefits and more rapidly driven enablement of those benefits by driving visibility across organizational silos and boundaries.

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