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Over 80% of Utilities are Facing Dire Shortages of Critical Skilled Staff According to Recent Industry Survey

BRIDGE Energy Group Survey shows that an overwhelming number of Utilities are facing critical skills staffing shortages, and relying on outside help to close the growing gap

MARLBOROUGH, MA – July 21, 2014 – BRIDGE Energy Group, a leading consulting and systems integration company focused on improving utility operational performance, today announced the results from their latest Utility industry survey on human capital. Most surprisingly, with over 18,000 utility employees surveyed about their views, experiences, challenges and solutions related to human capital management- 83% of Utilities are experiencing serious shortages of critical skilled staff.

“It’s no surprise that Utilities are expecting staffing shortages driven by retirements and other factors,” said Fred Alexander, Director, Expert Services for BRIDGE Energy Group. “One of the biggest surprises from the responses, however, is how many utilities are already operating with shortages of critical skilled staff today and how many are relying on consulting firms to close the growing gap.”

In addition, results show that this issue is expected to worsen with over 50% of respondents indicating that significant numbers of their critical skilled staff are set to retire in the next 1-7 years.
“These staffing challenges are coming at the worst time,” said Forrest Small, VP Grid Optimization for BRIDGE Energy Group. “The increasing complexity of the utility operating environment requires utilities to have all the experience and expertise they can muster. Utilities simply have to find ways to access top talent.”
The survey’s results support the conclusion that utilities are identifying both long and short term solutions. One of the easier solutions reported in the survey is the increased use of industry-knowledgeable consultants. This approach, combined with a coordinated human capital plan addressing prioritized recruiting and training, was recognized as a step in the right direction.

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