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BRIDGE, a Buildy Award Finalist, to Sponsor and Present at ConnectivityWeek

Tony Giroti, CEO of BRIDGE, to moderate the Power Grid Meets IT and participate on the Smart Grid Architecture panel while Dave O’Brien, Director of Regulatory Strategy, speaks to the Economic Benefits of Smart Grid

SANTA CLARA, CA and MARLBOROUGH, MA – May 24, 2011 – BRIDGE Energy Group, Inc., the trusted advisor and implementation partner in Smart Grid Integration and Utility Solutions, today announced its sponsorship and participation in Connectivity Week 2011. This four day event, taking place May 23-26 in Santa Clara, California, is the only conference organized by Smart Grid stakeholders and focused exclusively on the complete Smart Grid picture.

Tony Giroti, CEO of BRIDGE Energy Group, will lead the session Next Generation of Innovation: Power Grid Meets IT during the Role of IT in Smart Grid track. The panel will explore the innovative, bleeding edge applications for the myriad of energy-consuming devices beyond the grid. Mr. Giroti will also participate on the Smart Grid Architecture panel. This session will explain what is being done in the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) SG Architecture Committee including a review the SGAC Conceptual Architecture work, the status of the semantic working group in the SGAC and the overall status of standards from an architectural standpoint. Mr. Giroti will present as a current member of the SGAC.

David O’Brien, Director of Regulatory Strategy and Compliance will participate on the panel for The Economic Benefits of Smart Grid. The session will discuss the economic benefits of the various investments in smart grid related assets, systems, standards, programs and rate design initiatives. Speakers will explore the different methodologies used to measure the costs and benefits associated with each smart grid initiative, and discuss the regulatory changes that may be necessary to maximize the expected economic impact.

“BRIDGE is pleased to collaborate with other stakeholders in the industry to help participants to integrate a smart energy mindset into their business models,” said Tony Giroti, CEO of BRIDGE Energy Group and member of the GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC). “The GridWise Expo provides an excellent opportunity to explore the technologies, standards, and regulatory issues and opportunities for realizing Smart Grid benefits at the consumer level.”

BRIDGE has also been named as a finalist for the Buildy Award in Smart Grid for its open Smart Grid Reference Architecture (openSGRA). OpenSGRA was developed in response to an overwhelming industry need for a strategic IT architecture that specifically addresses the integration and interoperability challenges as identified by the Department of Energy. OpenSGRA is vendor‐neutral, technology‐agnostic and independent of any product.

Since 2004, the Buildy Awards have been presented to leaders, visionaries and implementers of smart devices and smart systems. BRIDGE has been identified as an organization who has shown new and innovative ideas and technologies related to Smart Grid connectivity, particularly as it relates to enabling Smart Grid benefits beyond the grid into energy end-use sectors.

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