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BRIDGE Energy Group Electricity Market Insights Tapped for NY REV Summit

MARLBOROUGH, MA – July 28, 2015 BRIDGE Energy Group, the leading consulting and systems integration company focused on improving utility operational performance, announced today that Infocast has selected David O’Brien, BRIDGE Energy’s VP of Grid Transformation, as a panelist at the NY REV Summit – Reforming the Energy Vision, July 29-30. O’Brien will provide insights as to the current REV status, as well as how distribution system operators (DSOs) are affected by policies.

The selection of O’Brien to the panel underscores the company’s support for New York Joint Utilities in regulatory matters by spotlighting their process to inventory REV policy goals and Distributed System Platform (DSP) Provider requirements.

REV will help move the state’s energy sector towards a decentralized, market-based structure and bring fundamental transformation in electricity distribution and usage in New York State.  The REV is envisioned as a key enabler for the next-generation grid which will introduce new roles and opportunities for both utilities and third-party providers of technologies and services at the grid edge.

As a panelist on a “Regulatory and Policy Update” panel held on Wednesday, July 29, 10:30-11:30, O’Brien will examine REV’s major decision-making process to transform the retail electricity market and overhaul New York’s energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. O’Brien views the portfolio of grid modernization technologies available today as “offering a tangible means to improve the quality and efficiency of electric service.”

The increasing competitiveness of renewable energy resources, and changes in technology, led NY Governor Cuomo to launch a fundamental transformation in the way that electricity is distributed and used in New York State. “What we’re seeing in NY, is utilities and regulators working together to support this innovation with a modernized application of performance- based regulation (PBR), enabling them to make the pivotal transition from ‘defending spend’ to delivering value,” O’Brien continued.

In addition, the Summit’s distinguished speakers will offer insight on NY REV’s impact as one of the first large-scale initiatives building the utility of the future, examining the development of “distributed system platforms” (DSPs) and the role of utilities going forward. The Summit will also explore prominent elements, trajectories and consequences of many important regulatory, market and technology forces.

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BRIDGE Energy Group is the leading consulting and systems integration company focused on improving utility operational performance. BRIDGE combines business, OT and IT domain expertise to deliver and optimize innovative grid operations solutions. BRIDGE’s capabilities and expert services enable engagement at any stage in the lifecycle, from strategy & regulatory to implementation & optimization. Founded in 2004, BRIDGE is headquartered in Marlborough, MA. For more information on BRIDGE, please contact 888-351-8999 or visit

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