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BRIDGE Energy Group Rises as Top Contender in Smart Grid Integration Space

CEO, Tony Giroti, to Leverage BRIDGE’S Expertise in Integration and Interoperability During the GridWise® Architecture Council (GWAC) Interop Workshop at GridWeek

October 20, 2010 – Washington, DC – BRIDGE Energy Group, the Trusted Advisor and Implementation Partner in Smart Grid Integration, today announced that CEO, Tony Giroti will help to kick off the GWAC Interop Workshop with “System Operations and Smart Grid Deployments – A Problem Defined.”

Mr. Giroti will also help close the workshop as a facilitator for “Beyond the Hype – Interoperability in Practice.”

Mr. Giroti is among the team of industry leaders who are shaping the guiding principles and implementation of Smart Grid functionality. “BRIDGE Energy Group has emerged as a leader in the Smart Grid Integration space because we understand the challenges in achieving interoperability and are on the forefront of advancing the standards that will help to transform Smart Grid initiatives,” said Tony Giroti, CEO of BRIDGE.

As part of that initiative to advancing standards in Smart Grid integration, BRIDGE offers several accelerators that will help utilities realize the vision of Smart Grid faster and with less business risk. The Smart Grid integration platform has pre-built integration modules for various applications and functionality and is unique in that the platform is tool agnostic and will work with existing SOA technology, databases, and infrastructure.

Mr. Giroti will leverage his experience with several integration clients of BRIDGE Energy Group to help participants at the conference to identify and discuss the challenges in achieving interoperability and set the stage for providing tools for solutions. He will also evaluate proposed Smart Grid implementations based on case studies and by further exploring the perspectives of regulators, utilities, vendors, markets and consumers.

“BRIDGE is currently working with a large municipal utility on a Meter Data Management integration project that will integrate MDM with existing applications including CIS and OMS,” added Mr. Giroti. “The utility is looking to BRIDGE to leverage our technology agnostic and vendor neutral solutions to enable all vendors on the project to work together under a uniform set of integration standards. This will reduce risk and bring transparency across all Smart Grid tracks.” The GWAC workshop will occur on Thursday, October 21st from 8:30-3:00pm at GridWeek in Washington, DC.

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