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BRIDGE Energy Group Selected to Share Grid Security Expertise at WEI’s Customer and Corporate Symposium

Security Expert to Highlight Innovative & Pragmatic Solutions for Securing Utility Supply Chain

Newton, MA – March 6, 2018 BRIDGE Energy Group (BRIDGE) today announced that Richard Jones, company VP and grid security expert, has been invited to speak at the Western Energy Institute’s (WEI) Customer + Corporate Symposium, March 7-9, in San Francisco, CA.  Jones’ presentation, Keeping Supply Chain Safe, will address why FERC cares about supply chain, upcoming changes to NERC CIP requirements as well as new innovations, including Blockchain technologies, that may be employed to reduce risk and ensure effective compliance.

The WEI’s Customer + Corporate Symposium will bring together more than 250 energy professionals to discuss the latest industry trends and best practices in corporate and customer services. Through various presentations, Q&A panels, roundtable discussions and networking opportunities, attendees will share their experiences while gaining valuable insights on a variety of topics from customer experience, HR, emerging technologies, products and services to community engagement, data and cybersecurity. Richard Jones’ March 9 Keeping Supply Chain Safe presentation will be held on Friday, March 9, 11AM-12:15PM.

“Driven by the prevalence of ICS targeted malwares, utility companies now have a regulatory mandate to manage their supply chain in order to stay one step ahead of cyber threats to their real-time systems,” Jones said. “The good news is that the upcoming compliance requirements will drive the development of innovative frameworks that support the early identification, mitigation and management of supply chain risks to the Bulk Electric System. I appreciate WEI’s invitation to share our insights and recommendations with event attendees.”

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