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BRIDGE to Sponsor and Present at the 3rd Annual Asset Management for Energy and Utilities Summit

Tony Giroti, CEO of BRIDGE, to present an action plan on how to maximize Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solutions to identify and manage critical assets

MARLBOROUGH MA – March 31, 2011 – BRIDGE Energy Group, Inc., the trusted advisor and implementation partner in Smart Grid Integration and Utility Solutions, announced its sponsorship and participation in the 3rd Annual Asset Management for Energy and Utilities Summit. This two-day conference will be held from April 5th-6th at the Delta Toronto East Hotel in Toronto, Ontario.

The Asset Management for Energy and Utilities Summit is an annual event designed to benefit executives and managers in the energy industry, asset management software companies, GIS, business systems providers, engineers, and accounting and business process consultants. The focus of the conference will be to discuss and tackle an issue that has become the biggest challenge the grid since its creation – integrating the aging infrastructure with newer technologies.

“The interoperability of systems is a key predecessor to an effective Enterprise Asset Management Solution,” said Tony Giroti, CEO of BRIDGE. “Leveraging technology to obtain information on an aging asset infrastructure, gives utility executives a holistic and more accurate view of systems before making decisions on how to best meet short and long term asset requirements. Without the proper integration of systems, asset data remains locked in silos or spread across multiple systems.”

Tony Giroti, CEO of BRIDGE, will present the topic, “How to Maximize Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solutions to Identify and Manage Critical Assets.” The session will provide an overview of how EAM allows companies to take a fuller view of their asset management plan. Mr. Giroti will discuss how to leverage the role of technology in EAM, refine opportunities to improve and manage asset health, and determine how to incorporate multiple layers of management into your asset management plan. As part of the session, Mr. Giroti will provide insight regarding how to create an action plan to establish or improve an Enterprise Asset Management plan.

This event attracts a broad audience from various industries and will provide insight from several case studies including: Minnesota Power, Power Stream, British Columbia Technical Institute, BC Hydro, Scottish Power (Ivara), Chapel and Associates, Deloitte Canada, and Centre for Maintenance Optimization and Reliability Engineering.

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