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BRIDGE Energy Group Cybersecurity Survey Reveals Approximately 20,000 Low Impact Substations’ Systems Likely Vulnerable to Breach

CIO’s Assume Grid Security Responsibility for Most U.S. Utilities

MARLBOROUGH, MA – June 28, 2016 – BRIDGE Energy Group today announced the results from their utility industry survey on Cybersecurity and Compliance. Survey results reveal that 57% of Utilities’ CIOs are accountable for the grid’s cybersecurity. However, 50% of utilities have still not addressed the baseline compliance needs of their low impact substations, leaving a potentially significant risk to the U.S. Bulk Electric and Distribution system.

BRIDGE Energy Group’s surveys and research are on the forefront of uncovering how the Utility Industry is progressing and what approaches they are taking. The BRIDGE Index™ survey reaches over 20,000 utility professionals and their responses create this compelling look at how the industry is embracing and utilizing new tools to protect our nation’s grid from evolving security threats. Access the Cybersecurity and Compliance Survey for insight on:

  • Cybersecurity compliance program integration status
  • Top issues impacting cybersecurity related projects
  • Individuals responsible for the grid-facing cybersecurity
  • Methods used by utilities to determine readiness for compliance and cybersecurity
  • Levels of cybersecurity measurement maturity among utilities
  • Insights on percentage of utilities preparing to be CIP v7 compliant

“Media outlets and other organizations continue to use our utility industry analysis as a means to measure how the industry is progressing, as well as to identify areas that need improvement,” said Richard Jones, VP of Grid Security at BRIDGE Energy Group. “We are proud to continue to be viewed as an authority not simply for helping utilities meet their compliance requirements, but for providing our clients with a path to develop sustainable, cost-effective programs that position them at the highest level of cybersecurity readiness.

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