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Dan Brancaccio to present at the SG Virtual Summit

Dan Brancaccio to present Synchrophasor Systems–Cutting Edge Technologies Supporting the Vision of Smart Grid at the SG Virtual Summit.

The Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) is pushing data communications technologies further into the substation that only sparsely previously existed, if at all. This, combined with new edge devices like phasor measurement units, deliver the technical foundation for substation automation (the improved collection and distribution of non-operational data from edge devices monitoring the power system up to control centers). This further accentuates the need for interoperability through the standardization of data communication protocols and data adapter technologies.

Future opportunities include leveraging real-time monitoring, control, and health management systems to improve grid reliability and efficiency; using digital data from sensors and substation Intelligent electronic devices to continuously monitor system performance; using real-time information so that utility control center operators will be able to address outages, power quality issues and other anomalies to reduce the frequency and duration of outages; and installing GPS clocks in substations for synchrophasor data to accurately time align all collected data.

As the Technical Architect at WECC WISP, Dan will share best practices in moving beyond the challenges and limitations of the pre-SGIG world and share how improved data communications, standardization and interoperability- alongside a new push on synchrophasor technology- will help to put communication infrastructure in place and make collecting non-operational data from substations easier.

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