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DistribuTECH 2016

BRIDGE Energy Group presented at DistribuTECH 2016 to highlight expertise on Renewable Integration and Improved Grid Efficiency.

You may Email BRIDGE to request a copy of the any of the presentations listed below.

1. Approaching Renewable Integration From Multiple Perspective

Presented by Director, Energy Measurement & Control, Unitil and Principal Consultant, BRIDGE Energy Group

This session explores multiple aspects of renewable integration. Unitil will discuss its pragmatic approach for grid modernization including distribution automation, DER enablement, grid reliability and customer empowerment in response to policy mandates in Massachusetts, increasing customer expectations and the dramatic growth of PV.

2. Rethinking the Grid Edge – New Approaches and Strategies to Secondary Management for Improved Grid Efficiency and DER Hosting Capacity

Moderated by VP Grid Optimization, BRIDGE Energy Group, with panelists from BG&E, Hawaiian Electric, SMUD and more

Energy efficiency programs such as volt/VAR optimization and conservation voltage reduction, along with increasing levels of customer-sited DER are presenting not only new challenges but new opportunities for distribution utilities. This panel explores solutions to challenges presented in low voltage secondary grid management.



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