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EUCI: World of Transmission & Distribution Asset Analytics Summit

Glen Sartain, VP, Grid Analytics Practice  at BRIDGE Energy Group is a Guest Speaker and Advisory Board Member at the World of Transmission & Distribution Asset Analytics Summit held on 25-26 Sep 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay, San Diego, CA

Data Analytics is Revolutionizing T&D Asset Management!

Amidst aging transmission and distribution infrastructure and workforce, digitally forward asset managers, equipped with advanced analytics tools are realizing significant gain from using data analytics to improve asset health. Data analytics can be used to monitor T&D assets to gauge their performance, predict and prevent failures, and prioritize asset renewal. As a result, improved decisions can be made on asset strategy and O&M budget spending on aging T&D infrastructure. At EUCI’s World of Transmission & Distribution Asset Analytics Summit, participants will gain strategic insights from T&D leaders on how data analytics is playing a key role in their asset investment decisions.

In his presentation, Glen will address data quality issues that are prevalent in the utility industry. Glen will highlight an approach to overcoming this challenge by creating an “as-you-go” strategy for the data accuracy and availability necessary to implement successful analytics initiatives. The session provides an overview of implementing a governance framework that can be added to every project, which shall assure success and eliminates the big bang approach to cleaning up data.


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