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Dan Brancaccio, Principal Consultant at BRIDGE to speak on “Synchrophasors Fundamentals and Applications: Leveraging the Investment”

The past five years have seen an immense public and private interest, investment, and cooperation in the synchrophasor technology space. Many electric transmission owners and operators in North America were awarded grants to deploy a great number of PMUs across their respective service areas, along with the related communications and IT infrastructure.

The availability of this new infrastructure can enable the development and implementation of new applications that utilize time-synchronized dynamic measurements. However, unless properly managed, challenges involved in designing, deploying, and operating and, ultimately, extracting value from this new capital- and data-intensive synchrophasor infrastructure can be daunting. While the research indicates tremendous value in leveraging synchrophasor technology, a divide still exists between the current state of the technology and the possibilities that synchrophasor technology enable.

The purpose of this tutorial is to address the fundamentals of synchrophasor technology and synchrophasor-enabled applications at a practical level. The tutorial will be delivered by hands-on practitioners of the technology along with those in the research community. Covering topics across the spectrum of the technology space, the tutorial opens with a session on synchrophasor computation fundamentals, continues in sessions focusing on PMU installation and testing, designing IT and communications for synchrophasors, deploying synchrophasor applications from the lab to the field, managing the data, state estimation, and culminates in a session on synchrophasor-based widearea control implemented in a utility.

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