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Midwest Public Utility Commissioners Gather to Discuss Distribution System Planning for a Modern Electricity Grid

Forrest Small, VP Grid Optimization at BRIDGE Energy Group joined the Association for Advance Energy Economy (AEE) for a special session with 12 commissioners from six Midwest states (Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin) to discuss distribution system planning for the 21st Century electric grid, answering the why and what PUC’s should plan for and how their objectives can be met with technology and functionality of a modern grid.  The discussion took place on August 16, 2016 in Chicago, IL.

The AEE Institute’s Advanced Energy PUC Forums are part of a broader effort to engage industry and regulators in addressing key challenges and opportunities facing the utility sector. Advanced Energy Economy has also held a series of 21st Century Electricity System CEO Forums and follow-on Working Groups in which executives of utility companies, advanced energy companies, and regulators in various states recommend new business and regulatory models to encourage the adoption of advanced energy technologies in the power sector. Together, the AEE and Institute programs are helping to define pathways toward new products and services, network infrastructure and operational models, and regulatory frameworks that will provide consumers with a more robust, resilient, dynamic, and consumer-oriented power system. 

The Advanced Energy Economy Institute Midwest PUC Forum was co-hosted by Chairman Daniel Hall, Missouri Public Service Commission; Vice Chair Nancy Lange, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission; Chairman Brien Sheahan, Illinois Commerce Commission; Chairman Sally Talberg, Michigan Public Service Commission; and Commissioner Beth Trombold, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.




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