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Northeast Emergency Preparedness & Storm Restoration

Forrest Small, VP of Grid Optimization Strategy to present on the topic of Integrating Smart Meter Outage Messages with an OMS: A Closer Look at BC Hydro’s Outage and Restoration Notifications

Forrest Small to present during the three day event on March 19-21 at the Boston Westin Waterfront hotel.

BC Hydro has implemented Smart Metering & Infrastructure (SMI) comprising 1.8 million smart meters and an Itron/Cisco mesh communications network. Outage management improvement was an important source of benefits, specifically:

* Faster outage notification
* Reliable restoration notification
* Operational efficiencies.

Key challenges for achieving the benefits included integrating smart meter outage messages with the outage management system (OMS), and performing fast and reliable load side voltage checks.

BC Hydro worked with BRIDGE Energy Group to develop and implement intelligent filtering between the AMI network and the OMS. The team also architected the technology and process to perform fast and reliable operational status checking by customer service representatives.

This presentation will cover the grid operations benefits delivered by SMI, the challenge of simply trying to connect AMI to OMS, and the technology and process changes and best practices needed to implement intelligent meter message filtering and meter pinging.

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