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Utility Analytics Week

BRIDGE Energy Group to join the panel, Quantifying and Communicating the Utility Analytics Business Case on October 24th in Newport Beach California

Over the past 5 years, utility analytics has quickly moved from an emerging topic to one that feels both ubiquitous, but, at the same time, vastly underutilized. Many utilities are struggling to find the right support within their organization to launch and sustain a truly transformative analytics program. Common roadblocks include internal competition for budget dollars, management skepticism around ROI, and an inconsistent understanding of objectives and possible approaches. What appears to be common for many utilities is a need for a comprehensive yet easy to understand framework to build the next-generation analytics business case. The focus of this workshop will be to learn from the collective experience of a panel experts to define the key elements of a successful business case and, also, to identify the pitfalls that can sidetrack even the most skilled professionals.


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