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EUCI: Transforming the Utility Business Model

BRIDGE Energy Group to kick off EUCI’s event with “Regulatory Reform: The Key to Utility Transformation”

From Hawaii to New York, it is apparent that the 20th century regulatory model is not keeping pace with 21st century technology or customer expectations. It is equally clear that utilities can no longer live from rate case to rate case, and instead require a more dynamic system that can attract significant private capital and reward innovation. The days of the Insull Model are ending as the financial fundamentals for utilities are in the midst of dramatic structural change. It is unclear to what degree public utility commissions recognize the depth and breadth of these challenges and are prepared to engage with utilities to forge a new “regulatory equilibrium”.

This session will consider the issues of:
•Structural Imbalances in Current Regulatory System

•Drivers of Industry Change

•State of Regulatory Reform, A Look at NY REV

•Modern Regulatory Equilibrium

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