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Utility Analytics Week

Tom Green, Solution Architect, at BRIDGE Energy Group joins Alan Lytz, Asset Information Analyst from PPL at Utility Analytics Week: ‘Best Practices for Building an Effective T&D Analytics Framework’ on November 1st in Atlanta, GA

In it’s 5th year, Utility Analytics Week 2016 is focused on “Delivering On The Promise of Analytics”.  Utility industry leaders will share stories of their progress with analytics and how the need for greater return on investment balanced with gaining the maximum strategic advantage and value is driving their future analytics strategy.

In their session, Green and Lytz will highlight PPL’s strategy to become a leading utility in the use of analytics, driven by significant business goals around improving system reliability and operational efficiency. Specifically around using operational data to identify conditions on the network and leveraging systems integration to automate manually intensive ETL/data manipulation efforts, Lytz will share how the PPL team developed a number of use cases based on analysis of operational data to improve T&D operational performance and reliability. The session provides an overview of how PPL developed an approach for building an effective and extensible framework for T&D analytics including PI Historian, PI Asset Framework, and Visualization with Coresight.

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