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Align IT investment and delivery with strategic goals

Aligning projects to utility business goals and regulatory mandates, achieving measurable outcomes, and leveraging new data into actionable events, is a challenge compounded by the myriad of technology offerings, vendors, and solutions in today’s utility. BRIDGE can ensure strategic alignment between business management, grid operations, customer experience, and new information technology initiatives. Our experts create a cohesive strategy between real-time utility operations and information technologies (OT/IT) that are required to assure technology planning, implementation, and operations become more strategically aligned with the business objectives.

BRIDGE’s experienced utility advisory team, with a background in defining and aligning new strategies with OT/IT investment decision, have successfully helped such clients as APS, AVANGRID, BC Hydro, Exelon, ConEdison, PG&E, among others.

Executive & Leadership Advisory Services

The utility industry faces significant change driven by increasing employee retirements, mounting regulatory pressures, and numerous technology transformations. As this evolution unfolds, new leaders and new challenges are emerging, both from within and outside the industry. Employees on the rise need to function differently in their roles and leaders new to the domain must quickly learn the cultural norms and unique needs of the industry. Having a mentor who can guide executives and leaders through the transition, acclimation, or even business as usual periods enable those individuals to be effective faster and more predictably.

BRIDGE’s Executive & Leadership Advisor Services provide personalized, one-on-one guidance to:

  • Deliver an outside, objective perspective on utility operation’s challenges
  • Model, develop, and manage effective, streamline teams
  • Coach, manage, and mentor staff to success
  • Vision, implement, and operationalize mission-critical business and technology strategies

Technology Strategy & Visioning

The emerging business models are requiring a technology strategy and roadmap that will “future proof” technology investments. For example, distributed energy resources (DER) will need to be integrated into the grid and ultimately managed to maintain secure, reliable service for all customers. Additionally, new IT applications will need to be integrated into an existing IT application portfolio and new business processes developed to accommodate consumers growing needs. Creating a utility business strategy and utility roadmap that addresses these challenges will enable utilities to deliver new services gradually over time without making disruptive changes to their existing IT system.

BRIDGE’s Technology Strategy and Visioning services help utilities define, plan and use technology as a strategic enabler to achieve key initiatives in optimizing real-time operations. From the definition of insource/outsource and cloud/hosting strategies, to systems and infrastructure technologies for a smarter grid, to project management and governance, to systems integration and operations – BRIDGE enables utilities to rise to the potential of new business models.

BRIDGE’s onsite technical and business experts have helped utilities across the U.S. and Canada to achieve their objectives starting with the definition of technology strategy and project plans that map IT investments to business vision and objectives, focused on achieving measurable results.

Business Case for Investment

Successful grid modernization investments start with a clear understanding of the utility’s vision and objectives and a business case to define the cost/benefit analysis of technology investment options and strategic alignment with key utility initiatives.

BRIDGE leverages its utility-focused experience and proven planning models to take a holistic approach to identifying and associating all technology and operational project cost/benefit elements while considering the full technology lifecycle. Costs are appropriately weighed against industry proven benefits and grid modernization use cases to guide our utility clients in managing risk and making the best investment decisions.

Gap Analysis & Roadmap

Realizing new tactical or strategic goals such as more flexible, reliable, cost-effective and secure operations, requires end to end expertise, and in depth understand of OT and IT operations, technologies and resources. This knowledge helps define recommendations on resolving gaps and mitigating risks.

BRIDGE leverages deep OT/IT expertise combined with a best practices approach to project management, systems integration and delivery. The process enables us to identify and prioritize current state changes required to achieve strategic initiatives and address risks in reliability, security, regulatory, customer service and operations.

Whether utilized to prepare for a business case or technology strategy and planning; audit risks in newly deployed AMI and meter to cash processes; or simply to help clients baseline their current business and IT environments, BRIDGE Business and IT Assessments & Audits have helped utilities to address current state gaps, constraints and risks.

Technology & Vendor Selection

The multitude of technology, vendors, and solutions offered in the utility space today can be difficult to navigate, especially across business divisions and IT stakeholders.

BRIDGE’s utility business and functional system experts can help cut through the noise by leveraging proven technology, vendor evaluation, and selection methodology. With expertise in today’s best of breed business systems and products, our team facilitates business and technical requirement workshops to develop requirement specifications giving vendors a clear and level playing field.

Utility procurement teams have relied on BRIDGE to ensure alignment with internal policies and efficiently navigate RFPs, vendor response review, evaluation and scoring, selection and contracts development.

Enterprise Application Integration Strategy

The enterprise-level integration of applications and islands of data is critical to improving the flow of information across business units and processes. A well planned IT strategy must effectively leverage existing functionalities from numerous distribution, transmission, asset management and other enterprise systems. Yet, financial, technical and organizational challenges inherent with planning and implementing next generation systems and networks can prevent right sized solutions that are secure, interoperable, extensible and scalable.

BRIDGE Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services are helping utilities to optimize their investments in AMI, DA, and new customer programs by delivering new strategic, mission-oriented enterprise architectures designed and built to meet the needs of the utility today and into the future.

BRIDGE EAI solutions include:

  • Facilitating new cross-cutting business processes and use cases
  • Supporting real-time/event-based data integration requirements
  • Supporting high-volume data management for effective analytics and business intelligence
  • Seamlessly integrating existing legacy with new smart grid systems
  • Complying with industry cyber security best practices
  • Integrating on-site and cloud-based/SaaS technology and system services

BRIDGE has worked with utilities to develop a right sized enterprise architecture that leverages industry integration and data schema standards, moves vendors toward systems interoperability, and effectively supports continued technology and vendor system software changes through loosely coupled, flexible integration solutions.

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