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How We Engage

In-Demand, On-Demand Domain Expert Consultants

Finding skilled utility experts is only getting harder. This issue is exacerbated when these experts are needed to fill business critical project gaps. Whether you need a team to run a project for you or one consultant to fill a resource gap, BRIDGE’s team of industry consultants help utilities manage and execute implementations, upgrades and maintenance of critical information and real-time operational technology systems.

BRIDGE consultants offer skills and expertise in:

  • Domain and system specific program and project management
  • Business and technical architecture and integration
  • Power systems engineering
  • Application development
  • Business systems and data analysis
  • Cybersecurity & NERC CIP compliance

Project Services

BRIDGE provides services across all phases of utility real-time operations projects, from advisory to delivery and support. Our clients often ask us to lead them through the delivery of a project and provide an experienced team to deliver upon a specific scope with a defined set of deliverables and outcomes.

We have a demonstrated track record for delivering projects on time, on spec and within budget. This is predicated on providing a combination of proven delivery methodology and experienced utility industry experts. For more information on how BRIDGE Energy Group might be able to help with your current or future projects, please click on Schedule a Conversation below.

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Consulting Services

In cases where you prefer to maintain ownership of project outcomes, BRIDGE provides on-demand consultants to support you at any phase of the lifecycle.  BRIDGE eliminates the challenges associated with finding and retaining specialized utility professionals by providing on-demand resources and flexible consulting teams with critical industry experience required to fill skills gaps and quickly scale to meet project demands. Our expert consultants have deep industry domain experience in:

  • Functional experience in project management
  • Business and technical solution architecture and analysis
  • Power systems engineering
  • Application development and support
  • Cybersecurity and NERC CIP compliance

We hit the ground running, integrate into your environment, and offer unmatched value.

BRIDGE consulting experts help about half of the largest utilities across North America achieve their operational performance, reliability, and compliance goals.  Our clients include  utilities such as Ameren, APS, Austin Energy, AVANGRID, Dominion, Eversource, the Exelon family of companies, National Grid, PG&E, PPL, Vectren, and WECC.

Expert Consultants

BRIDGE’s extensive team of utility industry experts makes is easy to find the right resource. Working with our clients to understand their needs, combined with our team’s in-depth understanding of the utility industry’s unique challenges, streamlines and accelerates the consultant deployment.

Flexible Consulting Teams

BRIDGE Flexible Consulting Teams provide the optimal solution where maintaining managerial control is critical. Our consultation combines industry expertise and scalability to help keep projects on schedule at any phase of the lifecycle. This flexible consulting mechanism is an alternative to traditional project outsourcing models that enables utilities to leverage a defined team of consultants that integrate directly with the utility’s organization. Utilities receive top expertise while maintaining full control and ownership of project materials and deliverables.

Although projects differ in size and complexity, a typical BRIDGE Flexible Consulting Team consists of a combination of Project Manager, Business and or Technical Lead, Analyst and or Engineer. We fit seamlessly into our clients’ teams, helping them deliver their projects on time and to the defined specification.

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