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Enhance Your Current Team or Use Ours. In-Demand, On-Demand Domain Expert Consultants.


Finding skilled utility experts is already difficult as it is, and it’s only getting harder. It’s an even greater challenge when these experts are needed to fill the gaps for time and business critical projects. Whether it’s one consultant for OMS staffing or a custom built Project Team, BRIDGE’s team of industry consultants help utilities manage and execute implementations, upgrades and maintenance of critical Information and Operational Technology systems. Our domain experienced staff augmentation for utilities can be made available quickly and work on a time and materials contract basis.

Project Delivery

BRIDGE is often asked to take full responsibility for delivery of a project. This could include bringing in the complete team and being responsible for the delivery and quality of all deliverables. It could also include taking full financial responsibility as well.

BRIDGE’s track record for being on time, on spec and on budget is due to a combination of proven delivery processes and experienced Utility industry experts. For more information on how BRIDGE Energy Group might be able to help with your current or future projects, please click on Schedule a Conversation below.

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Project Teams

Expert Services, Project Teams.
Maintaining control of projects when considering outsourcing can be a conflicting dilemma for Utilities. BRIDGE Project Teams provide the optimal solution that combines the best of both worlds. BRIDGE can help quickly assemble and mobilize custom built Project Teams to meet the ever changing demands of project life cycles. This flexible and scalable deployment mechanism is an alternative to outsourcing that enables Utilities to leverage multiple domain expert consulting resources while maintaining control to deliver their business and technology critical projects on time and within budget.

Our approach, which has been employed at WECC, National Grid and NSTAR, is to work in collaboration with the Utility to define project scope and expected outcomes, identify skills gaps, qualify and deploy the appropriate resources, and manage the project to completion and success.

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Utility Project and Staff Augmentation

Expert Services, Project Augmentation.
BRIDGE provides consulting support across all phases of traditional, Smart Grid IT and OT project lifecycles, regardless of when and how utilities need help. Our consultants, including PMO experts and NERC CIP experts, hit the ground running and show immediate value. Their abilities range from strategic guidance to project oversight and implementation, through ongoing maintenance.

BRIDGE consulting experts have skills that include domain and system specific program and project management, business and technical architecture and integration, power systems engineering, application development, and business systems and data analysis and have been employed at utilities including OUC, Bangor Hydro, SPP, SMUD and more.

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Utility Remote System Management

Managed Services, Remote System Management.
BRIDGE Utility Remote System Management services eliminate the hassles and costs associated with finding and retaining expensive and specialty personnel. From Utility-specific system operation skills, like OMS operators, to part-time IT-specialists, such as DBAs, BRIDGE has what you need. If the need is for some short term help on a special project or longer term assistance, BRIDGE has the resources and experience to quickly close those skills gaps.

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Utility IT Cloud-hosted solutions

Managed Services, Cloud-Hosted Solutions.
Utilities face increasing overhead costs and risks as technology advances and hosting requirements change over time. BRIDGE utility IT hosting solutions remove overhead costs, reduce risk and can help eliminate CapEx by turning it into OpEx. BRIDGE utility cloud services come in standard and custom configurations. All are designed and operated by experienced, utility-industry subject matter experts, ensuring they are optimized for your unique needs. These SSAE16/SAS70 compliant solutions improve availability, responsiveness and quality of your operations while reducing costs. One of the biggest resource challenges for utilities is to find an expert that can be productive day one for short or long-term projects. When utilities need a hard to find expert, BRIDGE’s project augmentation resources provide an optimal solution.

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