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Meeting specific client needs throughout the project lifecycle


As utilities embark on more complex technology programs to achieve their business objectives, IT organizations are forced to manage multiple, cross-functional projects with more dependencies and constraints than ever before. BRIDGE Energy Group’s team of utility industry experts with proven experience in energy and technology are able to provide various levels of Optimization & Support. Experts are on hand to implement project and electric utility program management best practices, provide governance and oversight, report on internal & external metrics and oversee contract and SLA management. The result is a consistent definition and approach for delivering business and technology projects across the organization.

Business Performance Optimization for Utilities

Projects & Implementation, Business Performance Optimization.
New technology and approaches require new business processes for utilities. Everything from how utilities deploy meters, engage with customers and operate systems and programs is changing. In addition to implementing new technology solutions, utilities must prepare themselves for these changes and modify or implement new business processes.

BRIDGE’s solution includes:

  • Defining “to be” business processes and mapping these to existing processes to see what needs to change
  • Organizational change management, including identifying the stakeholders involved and what changes will be required to their organization to support the new systems and processes
  • Training the users on the new systems and processes
  • Defining success criteria and metrics to support the ongoing monitoring of the new processes

BRIDGE’s industry experts have been out in the field working with other utilities and have helped other clients, including National Grid, with their business process optimization.


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