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Providing the backbone for ongoing operations

The pace of transformation in the energy and utility industry is quickening. Utilities must constantly evaluate how they can meet new demands while maintaining reliable services and controlling costs. BRIDGE Support services help utilities find that balance. Our domain experts help fill both short and long term resource voids that are critical to ongoing reliability within your operations.

BRIDGE’s experienced utility support team, with a background in supporting legacy and new real-time operations systems, have successfully helped clients such as Exelon, National Grid, SMUD, Vectren, WECC, and others achieve their desired results.

Real-time Operations Support & Maintenance

Keep your day-to-day systems operating while your in-house team is pulled into new projects, BRIDGE Energy Group becomes a seamless extension to your real-time operations team. This service enables utilities to deliver numerous large scale, multi-year technology initiatives, while ensuring ongoing reliable operations by deploying the right consulting resources when needed. BRIDGE reduces the time to define, identify, and onboard domain expert consultants by proactively supporting resource planning and management, skills gap analysis, and requirements definition.

Compliance Assurance Managed Service

Sustainable and highly effective, BRIDGE’s Compliance Assurance program manages a utility’s current compliance and evaluates for future compliance issues at a fraction of current costs. Leveraging dynamic compliance monitoring capabilities, we use key compliance indicators and analysis rooted in the process., This program ensures objective, accurate, and timely monitoring and reporting of the current state of compliance. In addition, our experts help utilities to apply actionable insight to prevent future compliance process failures/problems.

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