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Who We Are

Improving real-time operations for Utilities with OT and IT expertise

BRIDGE Energy Group, the leading consulting and systems integration company focused on real-time operations, enables energy and utility companies to achieve a more reliable and sustainable future. BRIDGE combines expertise in industry, technology, advanced analytics, visualization, security and compliance, to deliver integrated and optimized solutions. BRIDGE is headquartered near Boston, MA.

Grid OperationsWho we are - Areas of Excellence

  • Application of technology solutions
  • Architecture for IoT
  • Reduce operational costs

Grid Modernization

  • Integrate clean distributed energy resources
  • Develop a grid technology portfolio
  • Enable business transformation

Grid Security

  • Protect critical assets and infrastructure
  • Achieve and maintain compliance
  • Mitigate IT-OT risks

Grid Analytics

  • Enable decision-making through visualization
  • Leverage quantitative data to formulate solutions
  • Gain new insight through advanced learning

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